Cultural Tour

A Cultural Tour in India is bound to be touching, taking, enlightening, and of course enthralling! India is a glorious land of rich cultural heritage and diversity, each State presenting a different culture. Though every State of it is important from this viewpoint, the most prominent are--- Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. Currently we are arranging cultural tours in the following places ,We have meintioned the brief information about these places, please feel free to contact us.


Rajasthan is truly a state endowed with vibrant cultures that we see in its various festivals, fairs, dance, music, colours and nomadic balladeers. The royalty of the past had gifted the state with creative and exotic blends of arts and paintings, valuable manuscripts, and hand made wares stored in various palaces and museums.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is richly endowed with classic literature, art and music, and various dance forms. There are many folk dances in the state including the well known raslila of Mathura. You will also see the best of ghazals, darbars, mushairas and mehfils and the traditional mode of hospitality in the state.

Jammu Kashmir

The state is gifted with unique cultural virtues which differ from geographical locations. If you visit Ladakh you will see the region is under the influence of Tibetanand Buddhism culture. The simple lifeslyle of Ladakhi people are mostly visible during their festival Gompas. The chief occupation of Ladakhi people is weaving woollencloth. Archery and polo are some of the favourite games here. Kashmir is distinctively known for its rich and healthy arts and crafts, be it woodworks, shawl fabricating, paper mache etc. A tour to the state will let you see shops selling silken carpets, pashmina shawls and wood crafted furniture. You will also cherish to experience the festivals like Lori and Baisakhi of Jammu.

Himachal Pradesh

Culture is one of the most important aspects by which any state is identified individually. As per the various cultural aspects of Himachal Pradesh, the land has cultural effects of various tribal clans like Kinnars, Pangawals, Sulehria and Lahaulis. Other communities residing in the sate include Gujjars, Rajputs, Gaddis, Kolis and Rathis; all together with form a multi-cultured state of Himachal Pradesh. You will also see various fairs and festivals through which the state represents its cultural context. Dancing people in their traditional attires during festivals is an awesome sight.


The culture of Punjab is brilliantly reflected through its folk dance and songs, arts and crafts. In addition, the sate is famous for extending well mannered hospitality. Various ethnic groups including Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs have contributed a lot to facilitate the prosperity of its culture. The rich culture of the state is ostensibly the symbol of prosperity and peace of the land. The Punjabis of the land are said to be dynamic, energetic, daring and above all are gifted with inborn adaptability which helped them get over many adversities faced by them. Being candid and open to others are second nature of Punjabis here.


Since the time immemorial, the western part of India has been honey pot for various interactions among ethnic and linguistic forces and the state of Gujarat has the tremendous impact of those interactions. This consequently resulted, the synthesis of several races and cultures in the state. In addition, the state also experienced incoming of several outsiders through difference channels of transportation. For instance, the Persian came here through roadways while Arabs and Africans came through waterways; all came here for their respective purposes like trades, shelter or conquering the state.

West Bengal

Most of the cultural aspects of West Bengal are displayed through its festivals, folk songs, dances, music and films, and literature. Durga pooja and Kali pooja, the famous festivals of the state are celebrated with great devotions and pomp and shows. This is the very land which gave birth to many distinguished faces like Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chaterjee and the contemporary form of Indian literature. The people of Bengal hail from different social backgrounds displayed in their various fairs and festivals. In addition, theatre and dramas are integral parts of Bengali culture and accordingly you will see the various theatre groups located in different parts of the state. Apart from that, music and dances are also considered essential parts of Bengali culture with majority of population having affinity with Ravindra dance and music composed by Tagore. Rice and fish curry are favourite dish of Bengali including other varieties of cuisines flavoured with traditional taste.


There is no doubt in the fact that the state holds great cultural assets manifest in its various hindu temples, mosques and the churches made by the Portuguese. Other blends of fascinating blends of cultural things that the state proudly owns are outstanding paintings in frescos that reflect quite a distinctive local tradition of the land. Dance like Kathakali is one of the most awesome viewing sights of the land. The famous Sanskrit drama called Koottiyattam is the only legacy of the state presenting its existing theatre traditons with the performance by the Chakkiars of the state.